Thursday, 3 September 2009

Public Holidays

In the UK a new law is implemented to create new public holidays. The law dictates that one person will be randomly selected from the population at the beginning of each year - this person then travels to Downing street to - live, on television - spin a wheel to select an appointment type. Throughout the year, whenever this person attends an appointment of this type it is declared a public holiday.
This year the lottery selected you. As the wheel comes to a stop you experience sheer terror. You're in London, you have half a pack of cigarettes, it's winter and the entire population of the country knows where to find you - and that it'll be a public holiday whenever you're in hospital.

Cursing the idiot that added that option to the wheel, you consider your options.

What do you do?

Sunday, 19 July 2009

The Beginning

By 'magical means' (unexplained, unimportant) you are transported back to the time of the big bang and have the power to shape creation.

What do you do?

Thursday, 16 July 2009

Tiger Woods

It was a busy walk to work this morning. Further on - having evaded the hordes of undead - I was walking through a small wood and approaching the crest of a hill. As I walked up the slope it occurred to me that I had no idea what to do if a tiger was waiting just over the peak. I'm not paranoid or egotistical so I don't expect it's waiting there specifically for me, it's just standing there swishing its tail and passing the time. If you've had time to think about this then it hasn't attacked yet, which means you've got a chance to get out of this.

What do you do?

Unexpected mass zombie attack

On the way to work this morning I suddenly realised that for the last few minutes I'd been planning how I might escape from an army of the undead if I became surrounded at that location. Now clearly this is absurd - they'd be far more likely to attack a few streets over where there's a graveyard. That said, you can never be sure with zombies so it's best to be prepared.

So here's the scenario:

There's a large open moor area with cows grazing and a path running across it. You're half way along the path, which by this point is running alongside a 10 foot high brick wall on the other side of which grow a number of large trees at random intervals. It's at this juncture that you notice the undead shambling onto the moor area from all sides - naturally only the boundaries that shambling undead are able to walk through/fall over/tear their way through - everywhere except for the brick wall. Stumbling and dismembered as they are you have a couple of minutes before they converge on you. You've got a laptop in a backpack and a long leather jacket.

What do you do?